Building Independence

For Home and Office

WayAround® is the smart assistant for anyone with vision loss that gives better information about everyday things. Use the WayAround app and our smart WayTags to add helpful information to items around your home and office.

The simple tag-and-scan system uses a free mobile app to add a custom description for any item plus more details like nutrition information, washing instructions, or expiration dates. Once you've listed everything you want to know, just hold your smartphone close to the WayTag to transfer your information. Your information is stored and automatically backed up in the cloud.

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For Public Spaces

Blind InSites is bringing ADA Signage into the 21st century by applying our smart technology to existing and new ADA signage. WaySignsmart signage works with the WayAround mobile app to provide environmental awareness for people who can't easily see what's around.

The powerful wireless technology behind WayAround works seamlessly with other indoor navigation apps to provide information about your current location and what else is nearby. A WayAround-equipped WaySite provides details about the location and features associated with building entrances and exits, restrooms, stairs, elevators, escalators, and more.

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Braille signage, one of the only accessibility accommodations for people with vision loss in current ADA requirements, provides necessary yet barebones information. Our smart signage provides a wealth of audio information so that people with vision loss can access the same amount of information about the world around them as sighted people do. For example, is there a water fountain near the restroom? What about a water bottle filling station?

Our smart signage system includes three primary components:

  • A WayGuide smart sign provides an overview of a space via audio description
  • A WayStation smart sign provides additional detail about a space within a space
  • A WayPoint baseboard marker works with the white cane to indicate the location of a smart sign directly above.

For WaySite administrators, it's easy to add or edit any sign through a secure, cloud-based platform. Not only can you keep all of your patrons updated about what's new in your building, you can also provide important safety information, like how to reach the nearest exit.

Resources for People with Vision Loss

If you have changing vision, we encourage you to connect with one of the many organizations focused on issues of blindness and vision loss.

Connecting with a local member chapter or a vision rehabilitation service provider can increase independence and confidence for those with vision loss. Organizations may provide training, vision rehabilitation therapy, strategies for independent living, access to assistive technologies, and other resources.

Check out our directory of resources for blindness and changing vision.